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We are a company based in NW Oregon, USA.  Made up of adventure, dual sport and trail riders,  we live and love to ride.  And we make it a priority.

We had realized early on that not all motorcycles are created equal.  And that speaks true too the ones we ride.  So we set out to design, build and test products that would make every outing that much safer and more reliable.  After many years of testing, ten’s of thousands of miles and countless hours of abuse.  We are now offering our products to YOU.

We are continually developing and testing future products.  So please follow us for product updates, specials and sales.

Thank you. And ride on.

OWNER: Dan Noyes (MY ADV)

What they say about us...

Thank you, Enduro Solutions. These lights are perfect. I keep them on most of the time.
Kevin T.
DS Rider
These lights are perfect for trail riding. High and tight and man, do they put out the light. I'm looking forward to your upcoming products.
Steve D.
The Doc'
Great fit, and theses lights work perfectly. Thank you for the switch and power choices. I installed the pushbutton switch on my 701 dash and used the bikes ACC-1 for power.
Justin J.
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